Proof of Value

The What & How of SingEval

What We Do

Specifically, SingEval evaluates potential products toward the end of their pre-clinical stage for their likely medical and commercial value on a global or regional basis.

We also evaluate compounds that have stalled or been put on hold, to determine how best to harvest their value. Sometimes this results in a new application or indication for an existing drug, medical device or medical diagnostic tool. Often we work on early stage compounds for large research-based pharmaceutical companies, simply because they do not have the appropriate staff to rapidly and accurately judge whether or not a particular molecule has future value.

For many biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies, engaging SingEval will prove to be a better alternative than letting high-potential products go to waste, due to unintentional neglect. Our independent and objective evaluation determines future commercial and medical value. Our current capacity enables evaluation of up to 100 such opportunities per year, with roughly ten percent studied in a clinical setting.

How We Do It

SingEval currently designs and conducts clinical studies in Asia, North America and Europe to answer specific, predetermined questions in order to move to the Proof of Value stage. These studies are usually conducted with small numbers of patients and tend not to go beyond the traditional Phase II stage.

Based on study results, we may ‘sell on’ the products with their intellectual property (if SingEval is the IP owner), a detailed development program plan, and a probability-based conclusion about the potential value and degree of difficulty to achieve that value. If others own potential products, many times SingEval will exit the development process. Obviously, individual situations vary according to the agreement between SingEval and each client.