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Business Strategy

Business Strategy for the 21st Century

SingEval is a global enterprise built for partnering in the twenty-first century. Our ambition is nothing short of transforming the way healthcare products are developed and brought to market. Given a choice, would you create a drug, device or diagnostics development company in the image of today’s lumbering giants that struggle daily with innovation, decision-making and inefficient scale? We think not.

Better Approach to Systematic Valuation

SingEval identifies the value in potential healthcare products. It rapidly eliminates many low value candidates, and enhances the value of worthwhile ones whose intellectual property it owns. SingEval also realizes the potential value for our financial backers after the initial development stage.

Through these efforts, we aim to provide a steady supply of products to small to medium sized healthcare companies – and help them to complete the development and commercialize the product, by providing a plan for harvesting the inherent value in a diagnostic tool, medical device or biopharmaceutical compound.

Figure 3: Product Evaluation Process

Product Evaluation Process

Rapidly Assessing Value While Minimizing Risk

SingEval’s purpose since its founding has been to create a sustainable process to generate ΔeNPV – a positive change in estimated net present value. Through our high-efficiency processes and models, we believe we can consistently achieve substantial increases in value and greater risk reductions for the healthcare products under investigation.


  • SingEval leverages its global network in the search for potential healthcare products, using collaborations with Discovery and Development units in many types of institutions and companies


  • Our investors become part of the decision team to in- or out-license a promising product
  • Investors will choose to invest in the clinical development programs designed and managed by SingEval


  • For greatest flexibility and efficiency, SingEval outsources many of the operational aspects of clinical trials
  • Outsourcing also allows us to employ best-in-class partners in their respective areas of expertise


  • In many cases, SingEval will retain a portion of the profits from the sale of products that make it to market, thereby increasing its equity
  • SingEval also will derive income (sometimes in the form of incentive bonuses) from its Discovery collaborators for its skill in identifying and terminating low-probability products earlier, thereby reducing or avoiding monetary outlays