Ask yourself...

“Is the current valuation model for healthcare products really that good?”


Accelerating Acceptance of Proof of Value

An understatement is to say that change in global healthcare happens slowly. We recognize that it will take two to three years to build the necessary ‘proof’ in order for many healthcare decision-makers to accept the unique SingEval model. But ask yourself, “Is the current valuation model for healthcare products really that good?” Or has it been an expensive series of trials and errors, or worse, a spin of the roulette wheel?

At SingEval, we believe that Proof of Value is an idea whose time has come. We accept the challenge to prove to you that our Proof of Value methodology not only works, but also is reliable, repeatable and scalable across a wide range of drugs, devices and diagnostics. During that time, we will continue to establish our track record and build the business by designing, evaluating and developing clinical programs in high-value therapy areas selected by SingEval.

In most cases, we will test new therapeutic entities (NTEs), devices and diagnostics owned by other healthcare companies, with development programs fully funded by them. In this capacity, SingEval operates as an extension of the partner company, where the partner does not have the internal staff (‘bandwidth’), experience, or skills to efficiently evaluate its own promising products.

In time, we will build the necessary capital to own the intellectual property outright for drug compounds, medical devices and diagnostics. After we assess Proof of Value for each, SingEval will choose to drive the product through to commercialization itself, outlicense, or sell. At each stage in the process, SingEval layers on additional knowledge about the product in order to lower decision risks and make intelligent predictions about the probability of future success.