Our PoV (Point of View) Is PoV (Proof of Value)

Simply put, prescription drug candidates are subject to high attrition during development, similar to Hollywood’s odds of turning out a blockbuster film. Nine out of ten drugs entering clinical investigation do not get external regulatory or internal marketing approval. When drugs actually do make it to market, two out of three approved drugs do not provide a return on investment.*

While these figures have not changed over the past few decades, the costs of these failures continue to rise and are now not sustainable. An economic approach to the problem is essential for us to take best advantage of emerging technologies and therapies.

Proof of Value™ (PoV) is the term for an early development stage that includes both clinical and non-clinical studies, as appropriate. PoV not only encompasses therapeutic effects, but also assessments of competitive approaches, extended or alternative uses, and patient and payer needs.

Click here to read an explanation about how Proof of Value is calculated using both traditional valuation methods along with computer models based on SingEval’s collective clinical experience.

* Source: Grabowski, H et al
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